February 2021

Finally getting round to adding a Now page, it's taken long enough.

I'll have been working for my current employer for 5 years next month, which makes it my longest running job. I've outlasted everybody who hired me and almost every manager I've had. So much has changed over those years too. We were aquired and integrated into a much later firm, and soon we're be spun out as out own firm, which I'm sure will be interesting. We floated on to stock market not long after being aquired too, a not-quite once in a life time experience I'm sure.

At the moment I'm focusing on planning, not dreaming, about how to make the most out of 2021 and 2022. The world is a very strange place right now and we'll not go "back to normal" as we knew it. I don't want to spend my time looking backwards or bemoaning that things I can't do right now or in the near future.

Lockdown is giving me the opertunity to read a lot more, and I'm making myself walk for an hour or so every evenings (replacing my commute). It's much easier than I thought it would be and the days I don't do it I really miss it. Walking in the same small area every day is very medetative and it is facinating to see the changes with the seasons.

One thing lockdown and 2020 has taught me is how much I miss seeing and physically being around my family. As soon as it's possible and sensible in 2021, I plan to spend a couple of weekends back home.

This quarter I'm trying to reduce the amount of clutter we have in the hope the it makes our home easier to deal with. I find this much harder than I want to admit.

I'm also trying to keep up with posting to Om Nom Frickin Nom Dot Com, mostly for my own entertainment, though it does dribble in a tiny amount of affiliant revenue. The site numbers always disappointment me but the food blogging work is very heavily populated. I don't want to focus, or drive traffic, I really only write it for my own entertainment

I've recently started messing about taking pictues again. Over winter I spent a few cold clear evenings trying to take long exposure star trail shots, but didn't have a huge amount of success, mostly due to the weather. I've also made a digital pinhole camera (punched a hole in a lens cover basically) which is fun to play with. I'll ad it to my projects page once I've built one. Mean time I listed pictures up for sale on PicFair, I company I got into a crowdfunding round for twice. I doubt it'll ever sell anything, but it was a good way to judge the product of somewhere I've "invested"

I've also started to do more with timelapse photography, both SolarCans (I've got three in place and brewing right now) and a couple of long running timelapse rigs, one security camera based (hacky, low quality, works) and the other using a Nokia mobile (abosolute pain).

I've still got too many cars and in the last year I've probably only driven about a thousand miles. In March I plan to put the BMW Z3 back on the road and get it sold (lovely car, not what I expected) and maybe this will be the year I finally get the white R Ltd Mazda Eunos up and out there. Maybe not, I've already got a weekend Eunos toy, and the R Ltd should be creeping up in value. I am toying with electrifying it in 2022, money dependant

Lastly, and congratulations if you got this far, I'm toying with the idea of a niche side business which sell small batch tequila, imported from mexico to the Uk. There are some amazing tequlas out there and I think gin is way over it's peak. No idea where to start though, planning to be done, not dreaming.